What Level of Crystal course should I Study?             

  • If you are a complemetary therapist & would like to be able to add Crystal Therapy to your skillset with an accredited qualification then why not study the CHP accredited DHTT Crystal Therapy Foundation Course? This is a course which can be completed within a minimum of 6 months (depending on how long you take to carry out your written assessment and case studies of course!)
  • For those who are interested in becoming a crystal therapist (whether you are already a complementary therapist or not) then the CHP Accredited DHTT Crystal Therapy Diploma is the course for you! It is a more in-depth course and takes a minimum of two years to complete and is done in three stages.
  • If you are interested in crystals and would like to learn techniques for treating yourself, friends and family but do not wish to be a Crystal Therapist then you can do the Connecting with Crystals course (which is the DHTT Diploma Stage 1 without the homework or case studies!)
  • If you are already a Crystal Therapist or have been working with crystals for some time and would like to learn new techniques or build your knowledge then why not look at the advanced workshops offered  as these are standalone workshops which can be attended for CPD purposes.
  • If you simply have a passion for crystals and want to know more for your own personal enjoyment then any of the one-day crystal workshops on offer would be suitable also the Crystal Companions Evenings would help you to share your passion and meet other like-minded people.

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