Connecting with Crystals

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Connecting with Crystals

This level is an introductory course suitable for complete beginners or for those wishing to expand their knowledge of crystals.  Attendees will learn layouts and techniques for personal use and for treating friends & family.

  • There are no pre-requisites.
  • The course will either be taught as six one-day workshops or twelve 3-hour evening classes
  • A Certificate of Attendance will be provided at the end of the tutored workshops but this does not constitute a qualification but can be used for CPD purposes

The course includes the following subjects :

  • Crystal Origins & Formation
  • Choosing & purchasing crystals
  • Storing, cleansing & caring for crystals
  • Attuning to, charging, dedicating & programming crystals
  • The Aura & Subtle Bodies
  • Chakra Theory
  • Grounding & Centring
  • Working with the Quartz Family

These are the topics which will be covered in the tutored workshops.

  • The subject matter is divided into six units.  Each unit will be covered in either a one-day session or two 3-hour tutor-led sessions.
  • Each session will also allow for practical work, guided meditation/visualisation and personal development
  • During the courses attendees will build up a ‘crystal compendium’ as crystals are introduced through the learning of layouts & techniques

PLEASE NOTE: This course follows the same format as the CHP Accredited Diploma Stage 1 course and should attendees wish to continue their studies and become a qualified crystal therapist then in order to continue to Stage 2 attendees are required to successfully complete:

  • 15 treatment case studies
  • All assessment exercises issued for each unit
  • 100% attendance of all tutor-led sessions
  • Maintain a Reflective Practice Journal
  • An online A&P assessment

 Download the Crystal Therapy Professional Qualification Information Pack 2019